My name is Annalise Carter and I am the proud new owner of this pint-sized delicatessen in West Didsbury, Manchester.

My career in the hospitality started on a rainy night in October 2004. I’d just moved to Manchester from Stoke-on-Trent to begin a university degree and decided to rent a flat above “And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon”. I had a few friends visiting and on my quest for wine and snacks for my guests wandered into R & M Delicatessen. When paying for my deli haul I enquired about any part time positions that may be available, I was interviewed that same week … and the rest, as they say … is history.

I worked in that same building for nearly 10 years, seeing it grow and develop through its many incarnations, “The Deli on Burton Road” and more recently “Folk”.  Whilst on this subject I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Justin Parkinson, the owner of “Folk” and now a dear friend of mine. It is through his nurturing and guidance and sound advice that I am able to run my own business today.

The Deli in 2015...

2015 will see some big plans for our little deli. We are already sourcing new local suppliers as well as some exciting designs for our mini foodie emporium.

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